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Rapid Dry Travel Towel "Sunrise Surf" Aud $40

Rapid Dry "Sunrise Surf" Microfibre Travel Towel 2.0 Aud $40
  • Rapid Dry Travel Towel \
  • Rapid Dry Travel Towel \

Arriving soon!!!

The "Sunrise Surf" Microfibre Travel Towel, as the name suggests it's "Microfibre"... The perfect travel towel, it's a full size beach towel 160cm x 80cm but folds up super small (check the pics) So it takes up way less room in your backpack. Dries up to 5 times faster than the regular cotton beach towel. Use it and simply flick it a few times and it's good to go again. The microfibre material repells sand particles too. So that means less sand in your bag, car, tent or hammock.

Think a "chamois" for your body - You can even simply "pat dry" yourself with these.

Features the Sunshine Coast sunrise over the iconic Mudjimba (Old Woman) Island. Support you local business and remember you are helping us support sufferers affected by severe Neuromuscular conditions like MMN (Motor Neurone Diseaes), so we sincerely thank you for your support!



"Sunrise Surf" Towel


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