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Aztec Board Short

Aztec Board Shorts (Upcycled) AUD$65
  • Aztec Board Short
  • Aztec Board Short
  • Aztec Board Short
  • Aztec Board Short
  • Aztec Board Short
  • Aztec Board Short

Aztec Board Short with (S.H.I.T.) Not Sponsored: The best boardies you will ever own? We think so! So comfy you'll want to sleep in them!

Plus we want to help our envirmonment as much as possible so we use upcycled/recycled fabrics for these... You can feel proud you're helping remove unnecessary rubbish from landfill and our oceans!! Each pair equates to about 8 plastic bottles you've helped remove from landfill and our oceans!!


And remember anytime you buy from us here at Not Sponsored you are helping support sufferers affected by severe Neuromuscular conditions like MMN, so we sincerely thank you for your support!

Silicone Hold It Technology so they stay in place in the surf. With non abrasive super smooth medical grade silicone strategically placed in the waistband makes sure they stick in place and you won't even notice the silicone but you can be assured it's doing it's job and doing it well.

You don't need to worry about losing your dacks and flashing your butt after a wipeout or a mistimed duck dive.

These boardies are so comfortable with super soft 4 way stretch material and sublimation printing which means fading and peeling won't be an issue. They will last! Great for surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and general swimming and any watersports and everyday wear and fast drying.

Covered super soft fly area to keep your modesty in tact if you free ball... Smart zip side pocket that low pofile and closes to the back so it doesn't dig into your leg or board when your sitting or paddling. 19" designed to sit above the knee & a slightly slimmer "LOW DRAG" fit so they don't fill up & drag in the water (not baggy parachutes) but if you want "baggy" just go up a size as the silicone will work sothey don't have to be tight..

We don't take ourselves seriously but we take our products very seriously... We only want to provide you with great quality gear that will last...

ALL STANDARD SIZING IN INCHES Grab a pair of boardies that fit, lay them flat and measure the waist from one side to the other (if it's 15 inches side to side then you are a 30, if it's 16 inches you are 32,if it's 17 inches you are 34 etc.)

SIZE EXCHANGES? And don't worry if you buy something from us and it turns out you bought the wrong size (no dodgy online shopping exchange issues here)- Just let us know, send it back to us and we will send you the right size so you're good to go! Proudly 100% Australian owned and developed right at home on The Sunshine Coast.


SIZE 28 Aztec


SIZE 30 Aztec


SIZE 32 Aztec


Size 34 Aztec


SIZE 36 Aztec


Size 38 Aztec


Size 40 Aztec


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