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AUSSIE X Blue Horizon Board Shorts

Aussie X Blue Horizon Board Shorts (made from Upcycled Fabrics) AUD $65
  • AUSSIE X Blue Horizon Board Shorts
  • AUSSIE X Blue Horizon Board Shorts
  • AUSSIE X Blue Horizon Board Shorts
  • AUSSIE X Blue Horizon Board Shorts

The AUSSIE "Southern Cross" custom print Blue Horizon Board Shorts to celebrate being Australian with the Southern Cross printed on the left leg- Perfect for Australia Day or just being an "Aussie" We are all proud Australians no matter where our original ancestry may come from and we all sleep under that same Southern Cross.

Traditional looser boardies fit and 21" length.

Quick dry super soft 4 way stretch made from recycled poly like all our boardies, with medical grade silicone in the band so they stay on. Low profile zipper side pocket with key loop (not that many people use it but we still do)

The "Aussie X Blue Horizon" pattern gives a sense of looking at lines of swell in the ocean with our Southern Cross print on the left leg. These should sit just at or below the knee 21" so a bit longer than our other boardies for that more "traditional" longer more baggy look.

Proudly 100% Australian owned and developed right at home on The Sunshine Coast.

Plus we want to help our envirmonment as much as possible so we use upcycled/recycled fabrics for these... You can feel proud you're helping remove unnecessary rubbish from landfill and our oceans!! Each pair equates to about 8 plastic bottles you've helped remove from landfill and our oceans!!

And remember anytime you buy from us here at Not Sponsored you are helping support sufferers affected by severe Neuromuscular conditions like MMN, so we sincerely thank you for your support!


ALL STANDARD SIZING IN INCHES Grab a pair of boardies that fit, lay them flat and measure the waist from one side to the other (if it's 15 inches side to side then you are a 30, if it's 16 inches you are 32,if it's 17 inches you are 34 etc.) Don't worry if you buy the wrong size,just send them back and we can send you the right size no worries.


SIZE 30 Aussie X Blue Horizon


SIZE 32 Aussie X Blue Horizon


SIZE 34 Aussie X Blue Horizon


SIZE 36 Aussie X Blue Horizon


SIZE 38 Aussie X Blue Horizon


SIZE 40 Aussie X Blue Horizon


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